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While the rest of the world was obsessed with Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, something else on him was changing that went relatively unnoticed……his hair.

Fans of Doc Martin will be pleased to know series 8 of the show returns to ITV on September 20th.

Can you really get gorgeous hair by popping a pill? We looked at five popular options to see what works and what may leave you—and your hair—flat.

You might skip over this post on how to wash your hair, thinking this is too basic for you but you may be making some simple mistakes.

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Bald patches. Baldness in patches, which is not in the typical male pattern, is usually alopecia areata. However, braiding and other tight hairstyles, hair pulling

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Nose hair extensions are the latest Instagram trend and I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

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Updated Hair Policies for Navy Women New interactive viewer available From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs This week Navy wrapped up the review of its hair-